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Ex-Cruise Ship Officer Reveals Confidential Insider Secrets That Will Save You Thousands Of Dollars Every Time You Cruise…Guaranteed!


It’s so easy for my family and friends to cruise for less,
it feels like the cruise lines are paying them to take a vacation!

While they spend practically nothing, I just shake my head in utter
disbelief as I watch what others just like you are spending for
your cruise vacation.

But now, the shocking truth will be exposed in my revolutionary guide
on how to cruise for less – the same guide that has the cruise
industry trembling at the knees.


David Kirkland
I was a hard-working 3-Stripe Officer for 10 years at a major cruise line…

…until I was forced to quit because I no longer wanted to trick
passengers into spend obscene amounts of money! I took a
stand and my job was threatened.

This guide is my response to that threat.

With my extensive industry knowledge, I’m introducing this
astonishing, one-of-a-kind guide on how you can save
a boatload of money on every cruise you ever take – the
secrets that could only come from someone within the industry.

David Kirkland


I am absolutely certain that once you’ve read my guide, you will be left
been misled, overcharged and even flat out deceived by the cruise lines.

I guarantee you that this information will absolutely transform the way you
cruise like nothing else out there.
 Keep on reading to discover why
cruise lines are frantically ringing the alarm bells in an attempt to prohibit
the public from having access to any of this information!


Also, keep in mind that this guide will work with any cruise line, any ship, and any itinerary worldwide!


My Personal Promise: My sole objective is to save YOU money. I have vowed to
overcome every hurdle in my quest to provide you with the insider cruise savings
knowledge that cruise lines are terrified about. This info is unlike anything you’ve
ever come across before. If you’re expecting some boring list of useless tips and
pointers, like those available at bookstores or written by inexperienced cruise
passengers, you’re in for an honest shock.



“I followed one of your suggestions and sure enough, the cruise line took $500
off my cruise price
without any hassle at all. In addition, I received $300
in ship board credit. This would never
have happened had I not purchased
your book!”

Shelley, USA


One cruise line even tried to hire me earlier this year by offering me an absurd 20% salary increase in a last-ditch effort to stop me from revealing this explosive
information. “Not a chance!” was my reply. I spent 10 years working 6-month
contracts, 12-16 hours a day, dedicating my life to this industry. But now, let me
have a chance to be on your side.

Here is just a tiny glance of the powerful insider information that you will discover in this vacation-transforming guide:

Save Money
The KEY to avoiding the most critical mistake that 99% of passengers make.
Save Money
The two vital rules that guarantee you’ll be treated like royalty and be spoiled like a superstar by every crew member.
Save Money
Tap into a treasure chest of savings that even the most experienced cruise passengers don’t know exist.
Save Money
I’ll expose the 6 little-known methods that allow you to CRUISE FOR FREE for the rest of your life…others are using these methods every day, so don’t be left out!
Save Money
Instantly slash the cost of every spa and salon treatment by 50% so that you can pamper yourself over and over again.
Save Money
How to make the most out of your trip and turn even a budget cruise into a dream vacation!
Save Money
I’ll expose the dirty hidden truth about cruise lines’ shore excursion programs. Let me warn you: You will be left shaking your head in complete disgust with this one.
Save Money
A full list of 57 expert tricks that will guarantee you are the most well-prepared and educated passenger on your ship.
Save Money
For the first time, I’ll reveal exactly what the crew members think and say about the passengers. You’ll then discover how to use this essential information to become the most favored passenger on any ship in the world.
Save Money
Save an insane amount of money on every tour and activity in every port of call. I’ll uncover the false myths and you’ll instantly save up to 75% on everything you want to do.
Save Money
How to exploit a loophole in cruise line’s casino policies that will actually boost your airline frequent flyer miles in seconds!
Save Money
A Master Cruise Packing List that reveals every item you should take with you on your cruise as well as the essential steps you need to follow before you even leave home.
Save Money
Discover the only way that you can guarantee your cruise vacation gets off to a perfect, worry-free start.
Save Money
One magical trick to getting an amazing bouquet of fresh flowers in your cabin every single day for absolutely free while everyone else spends a fortune for just one rose!
Save Money
How to stay far away from the money-sucking traps cruise lines use to take advantage of unprepared passengers.
Save Money
A fool-proof method for becoming a member of a cruise line’s Loyalty Program even if you’ve never cruised before. Instantly receive every discount and benefit of a veteran cruiser.
Save Money
The one vital action you must take as soon as you board your ship…it takes 20 seconds and it will completely transform your vacation.
Save Money Do you plan on shopping during your cruise? I’ll let you in on the startling secrets about cruise ship ‘Shopping Programs’ that nobody in the industry wants you to know. You’ll end up saving a fortune on jewelry, souvenirs, electronics and more.
Save Money
The hard-to-believe truth about how cruise lines manipulate your time in every port you visit. Discover the must-know secrets so that you don’t waste a single moment of your cruise.
Save Money
I’ll reveal to you the truth about a common crime on board cruise ships and how you can instantly eliminate this risk.
Save Money
Anyone you know interested in working on a cruise ship? I’ll explain exactly how to land a job without paying the absurd fees that ‘agencies’ and other ‘ex-cruise ship staff’ demand.
Save Money
Uncover the insider secrets that will get you a FREE cabin upgrade even if you’re told the ship is ‘full’.
Save Money
I’ll tell you the one magic place to book your cruise that guarantees you’ll be showered with more free perks and benefits than any other booking method.  And no matter what, your booking will be fully protected – 100% refundable, changeable and transferable without having to pay any fees whatsoever.
Save Money
How cruise lines use one event to steal millions of dollars from passengers each year and how you can avoid falling into this serious trap.
Save Money
I’ll reveal why most people waste their time searching for cheap cruise fares in the wrong places. Ignoring this advice could literally cost you hundreds!
Save Money
See for yourself the outrageous formula that cruise lines use to trick you into over-spending on every aspect of your cruise.
Save Money
How to access special unadvertised discounts that will save you an extra 10% or more just by knowing what to ask.
Save Money
The best time to book your cruise so that you never have to worry about over-paying again.
Save Money
One nifty trick that will immediately hack a few hundred dollars off your cruise fare, even if you’ve already paid.
Save Money
Discover why you’ll waste a ton of money if you ‘learn as you go’ – don’t give up a golden chance to become the most expert cruiser in minutes!


The most amazing part is that the above is just a fraction of everything that’s revealed in my guide!


Nobody Should Be A Victim!

Cruise lines prey on the fact that every passenger who walks up the gangway on embarkation day has absolutely no idea how the cruise industry truly works. As a result, it’s virtually guaranteed that you’ll fall straight into their clever and costly traps.

I swear to you, during our bi-weekly management meetings, we spent half the time talking about how easy it was to take passengers’ money and the other half trying to devise clever ways to take more of it.

We would read the voyage reports out loud and celebrate – another 7 day cruise, another $3,000,000 sucked straight out of passenger’s pockets. And that was in addition to what they had paid for their cabins!

You certainly don’t want to be throwing money away for no reason at all…but if you don’t know the secrets, you’ll be playing right into the hands of the cruise lines.

Just think about this


Why Do Cruise Lines Charge You
$4 For A Tiny Bottle Of Water? More Important…Why Do You Pay It?!

Cruise lines are experts at getting you to empty your pockets while on board. It’s almost like walking into one giant, floating Las Vegas casino. The ship’s layout, the colors, the music…everything is designed to get you to spend more money.

To add insult to injury, the cruise lines then charge you some of the most absurdly inflated prices for everything from drinks, spa treatments, shore excursions, internet, laundry, photographs, alternate dining, gifts and souvenirs and more.


How do they get away with this?

#1: Most people justify their over-spending because after all, they think that a vacation is not a time to worry about money.

#2: Cruise lines skillfully conceal all of your options, creating the illusion that spending money is the only path to the amazing cruise vacation you’re after.


How else can cruise ships charge $4 for a tiny bottle of water?!!

It sounds absurd. Yet it sounds even more absurd when there are water fountains all around the ship full of perfectly safe, drinkable water. Bring a water bottle, fill it up at these fountains, and ‘Voila!’ you just saved $30, $40, $50 over the course of a voyage.

And that is just the tip of the iceberg, the tiny, tiny tip. There are literally hundreds of must-know secrets that will save not just $40 or $50, but hundreds and thousands of dollars, both before and during your voyage.

The good news is that…


Just By Reading This Guide Once…

You can cruise over and over again and the benefits of this insider information will never end. This guide will work for you every single time you take a cruise vacation. Period.

After all…

If you saved $200 during your next cruise, this material would be without a doubt, well worth it.

But when you consider that…

The sky is the limit in terms of how much money you can save


The extraordinary benefits apply to every cruise you ever take again


I think you would agree that this is a golden opportunity that should be taken very seriously.

Sure, maybe it all sounds too good to be true.

And that’s why I’m not even going to ask you to take my word for it…

But before I get to that…let me ask you this:


What Will You Do With All Of That Extra Money You Save?

If you’re stuck for ideas…let me know…I’ll help you out!

Seriously, what are you going to do with all that money you save? You don’t have to answer now, but start thinking about it. Will you keep it in the bank for later? Spend it on more important things?

The choice is yours…but the fact is: you will have extra money that was otherwise about to be wasted for no reason at all.

Don’t waste your money…make sure you are protected instead.

And with that in mind…


While You’re Stretched Out On A Beach Chair, Throwing Back Martinis, Dining In Style & Having Your Cabin Cleaned Twice A Day…

Here’s what’s really happening around you:

Most of the waiters and waitresses, bar tenders, cabin stewards and other crew members directly responsible for providing you with a brilliant vacation experience, rely on the tips/gratuities they receive for about 85%-95% of their wages.

The cruise lines ’employ’ thousands of people in these positions but pay them practically nothing.

Take a look at how the cruise lines benefit from this:

cruise tips & advice

Is this fair?

You bet it isn’t!

And now you can do something about it. I will show you how to use some very simple tactics to completely change this formula. You’ll benefit by having every single crew member you come across genuinely wanting to enhance your cruise experience to the max.

Don’t think this is anything special?

Well, consider this…


The Best Things In Life Are Free
And A Cruise Is No Different…

Did you know that certain crew members on board every ship have the authority to provide guests with benefits that usually cost hundreds of dollars?

I was always adding people to the VIP list, applying $100 of on board credit to passenger accounts and authorizing complimentary upgrades from inside cabins to balcony suites…

  • If you’re on the VIP list, you can receive FREE gifts, discounts, priority status, private cocktail parties, even FREE shore excursions and more
  • $100 of on board credit is FREE MONEY for you to spend as you wish
  • Being upgraded to a suite for FREE saves you at least several hundred dollars, if not several thousand

I gave away free meals, free wine & champagne, free massages & spa sessions, free casino chips, free internet & phone cards, free bar drinks, free souvenirs,
free jewelry, free shore excursions, free dry cleaning, free photographs and even FREE CRUISES…

Just think what this would all cost if you had to pay for it – it’s an astronomical figure. You can now learn the astonishingly simple tactics that can put you on the receiving end of all these freebies.


At Last! Every Money-Saving Secret You Need Is Right Here Waiting For You…

Maybe you’re a first-time cruiser wanting to avoid the mistakes and pitfalls of inexperience…no problem! You’ll instantly discover how to save incredible amounts of money and how to load up your cruise with value-adding benefits that only a select few in the industry even know about.

You’ll become an expert cruiser before you even step on board.

“Valuable Information!”

“My boyfriend and I are taking our first cruise and I’m so glad I ordered your download. I’ve learned so much and I can’t wait to put to use the valuable information I’ve read!”
Amelia Williams,
Melbourne, Australia

Perhaps you’ve taken 5, 10 or even 20 cruises already but want to know exactly what you’ve been missing – sure thing! You are about to uncover a boatload of untapped savings that will make you wish you had this information before you ever began cruising.

“Instant $400 Savings!”

“David, I reckon that the $37 we spent has been worth it…Princess said that they would reduce our price by $200 and give us a better cabin. That’s $400 savings total! I am, after all is said and done, becoming an Intelligent Cruiser.”
Jim Hollingsworth


With so much powerful information – including the secrets of how to cruise for free and how to fly for free – you are guaranteed to see immediate results. And it doesn’t matter if you’re planning to cruise on a ship with 3000 passengers or one with 500 – this information will save you money right away.

Just one of these powerful reports alone can have an amazing effect on your wallet…

“Free Cruises!”

“We just found out today that we’ll be taking our first free cruise in June. There is now a chance that we’ll be able to take 2-3 free cruises in the next year…”
Karen Sedlock
Reston, PA


Imagine the savings and benefits when you have all 100+ pages of the most effective insider information right at your fingertips.


The One Thing You Should NEVER FORGET…

Cruise lines rely on the fact that you are an un-informed customer. And they want to keep it that way – after all, the less you know about what’s really going on behind the scenes, the more money you will spend.

Well, here’s your chance to say ‘No way!’ As an Intelligent Cruiser, you will join the thousands of others who now know all the secrets and who are saving thousands of dollars every time they cruise. It’s really that easy!

Can One Cruise Ship Officer
Know It All?

In order to guarantee this is the most comprehensive book of insider cruise information available, I recruited many of my expert colleagues to join me on this project.

I’m talking about…

– Guest Relations Manager
– On Board Financial Officer
– Front Officer Manager
– Shore Excursion/Tour Manager
– Restaurant Manager
– Executive Housekeeper
– Spa Manager
– Revenue Committee Officer

The amount of expert experience that went into this book is unlike any other resource you will ever come across. And to top it all off…

My team of insider experts and I have worked for almost every major cruise line, including Carnival, Celebrity, Crystal, Cunard, Holland America, Norwegian Cruise Lines, P&O Cruises, Princess and Royal Caribbean.

To put it as simply as possible – we definitely know our stuff…

And when you use the insider knowledge I’ll share, you’ll be able to take a cruise vacation for such an absurdly low price that you’ll be utterly disgusted by the amount of money you would be wasting without this information!


Here’s A Summary Of What This
Really Means For You:

*based upon a typical 7-day cruise

Big Savings On Your Cruise!


REMEMBER! The information in this guide works with any cruise line and any itinerary in the world. Whether you’re cruising to the Caribbean, Mediterranean, Central/South America, Hawaii/South Pacific, Australia, Baltic, Alaska, Asia or the Middle East…this guide applies to you!


“Alright…So How Much Do You Want
To Charge Me Already!”

Even though each section of the Intelligent Cruiser can save you over $1000 dollars on its own…I am not going to charge what you would expect to pay for such effective material…

I actually know one cruise ship passenger who wrote a 20-page report of his opinions on how to enjoy a cruise and he charges $99 for it.

That is absolutely crazy.

Our low, one-time price (for over 100 pages of insider material) is only:


(Last Updated: May 2024)

This is a mere $0.10 cents per day over 1 year. Is it worth spending that ridiculously tiny amount so that you can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars during every cruise you ever take again? I’d say so…

And if that wasn’t enough, here’s something else…

In order to make this the easiest decision you have ever faced…I am going to give you my…


100% “Better-Than-Risk-Free”

Money-Back Guarantee

Listen, if you don’t agree that this information will save you money during your next cruise, just send me an email and I’ll issue you a 100% refund on the spot. No hard feelings and no questions asked. I’ll even go ahead and extend this guarantee for a full 60 days.


Fair enough?

It would really take you over 100 hours of research to learn just a tiny portion of everything there is to know. If you have the time, then by all means, get ready to stare at your computer for hours on end.

But if you would rather have over 100+ pages of the most essential insider information instantly delivered to your email inbox…then I urge you to take action right now and grab this money-saving material.

Trust me, as soon as you start reading this guide (which comes in an easy to read PDF format), you’re going to be banging your head on the table for not knowing about it earlier!


Claim Your Instant Access To This Amazing Resource Now

YES, David! I want to become an instant expert so that I can save an unbelievable amount of money on every cruise I ever take again. When I order now for the low investment of $37, I will get all of the following…

Save Money
Ultimate Cruise Savings Guide: Includes every insider trick, tactic and method you need to save piles of money instantly & easily. (Value $1047.00)
Save Money
Spoil Yourself with VIP Treatment: The most effective methods for getting your name onto the elite VIP list (no matter who you are) & loading up on incredible benefits without spending an extra penny.
(Value $397.00)
Save Money
Truth Exposed!:  Drastically reduce your expenses for shopping and activities in every port you visit…you’ll uncover exactly how to steer clear of the clever scams that you don’t even know exist. (Value $375.00)

FREE Bonus Gifts:
(Value $1,149.00)
Save Money
Free Airfare Strategy: No matter where you want to fly, this proven formula will help eliminate a major expense in an absolute flash.
Save Money
Lower Your Cruise Fare: Little-known rules that can save you more than 50% off your cruise fare (even if you’ve already paid) in less than 10 minutes.
Save Money
Free Cabin Upgrades: Behind-the-scenes secrets that can get you an amazing cabin upgrade absolutely free, even when the ship is supposedly ‘full’ (this can easily save you $750 or more).
Save Money
And that’s not even everything…I’ll also include Expert Tricks, How to Outsmart the Onboard Casinos, How to Protect Your Luggage From Theft & the Master Cruise Packing List!

This is the real deal –  for a tiny one-time investment, you can instantly kidnap this ex-cruise ship officer and make him expose all of the behind-the-scenes secrets of the cruise industry. As a result, the Intelligent Cruiser will easily pay for itself tenfold as soon as you book your first cruise!

And Your 100% Risk-Free Investment is ONLY $37.

Order Now!

Instant Access! After placing your order, you’ll instantly receive an email with a private download link so that you can start benefiting from the Intelligent Cruiser in no time at all.

Wishing you clear skies and calm seas!

David Kirkland


P.S. Remember, I have honestly quit my job in order to make sure that cruise ship passengers are armed with the information necessary to avoid being taken advantage of. And based on my experience, I can guarantee that you have no idea what you’re really up against. That is why I am offering you a 100% Risk-Free opportunity to try this product. You simply need to know this information. You’ll be blown away at how easy it is to start saving a ton of money right away.

Start Saving Money Today


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