About David Kirkland

David Kirkland is currently enjoying life away from the high seas and is working on a book about his adventures as an officer on board cruise ships.

In his quest to re-adjust to life on land, David has also become an aspiring chef (with plenty of room for improvement!), an active runner and an avid movie-goer. However, he still finds it slightly strange to wake up each morning in the same town where he fell asleep and he can often be heard mumbling nautical terms to himself.

David has begun to work on various websites in his new stage of life as well, both for business and entertainment purposes. He created this product and website after realizing that genuine ‘insider’ cruise advice could not be found anywhere.

David wanted to offer his expertise so that cruise passengers could level the playing field that currently favors the cruise lines in a most disproportionate manner.

He truly hopes that you will find his product useful!

Intelligent Cruiser – Cruise Tips